Organovo Holdings, Inc.'s Presentations Now Available for On-Demand viewing at

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Organovo Holdings, Inc.'s Presentations Now Available for On-Demand viewing at

September 15, 2014 at 3:23 PM EDT

Company invites individual and institutional investors to log-on to to view presentations

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Organovo Holdings, Inc. (NYSE MKT: ONVO; "Organovo"), the San Diego-based regenerative medicine company focused on using its breakthrough NovoGen 3D human tissue printing technology to create tissue on demand for medical research and therapeutic applications, today announced that two presentations from CEO, Keith Murphy, are now available for on-demand viewing at Attendees can view a general overview of Organovo Holdings, Inc. as well as an update on the company recorded during the September 11 event.

The update on the company focused on and current information regarding Organovo and its business. For investors not yet familiar with the company and desire background, including an understanding of the 3D bioprinting used by Organovo to create functional living human tissues, investors can watch an informational background presentation on the Company's website.

LINK to the company update presentation: > red "register/ watch event now" button.

LINK to the informational background presentation with slides and video:

Organovo Holdings, Inc.'s presentations will be available 24/7 for 90 days. Investors and advisors may download shareholder materials from the "virtual trade booth" for the next three weeks.

Recent Company Highlights Include:

  • Key opinion leader reported Organovo's 3D Human Liver Tissue was able to establish the toxicity of toxic drug known to induce liver injury in humans that did not show toxicity in animal and other pre-clinical testing, an achievement historically unmet by animal models or other liver cell model systems
  • Initiated contracting for toxicity testing using its 3D Human Liver Tissue, for selected clients, in advance of its scheduled commercial release
  • Entered into additional agreements to utilize 3D bio-printed tissue in drug discovery settings
  • Reported that its 3D bio-printed tissues enabled researchers to make compartment-specific assessments (i.e., epithelium, stroma, vasculature) of drug response — something that is not currently possible outside of in vivo models to date
  • Announced an agreement with the University of Queensland directed toward development of source cell lines for 3D kidney tissue bioprinting activities
  • Appointed Gregory T. Lucier, former Chairman and CEO of Life Technologies, as a corporate advisor

About Organovo Holdings, Inc.
Organovo (NYSE MKT: ONVO) designs and creates functional, three-dimensional human tissues for medical research and therapeutic applications. The Company is collaborating with pharmaceutical and academic partners to develop human biological disease models in three dimensions. These 3D human tissues have the potential to accelerate the drug discovery process, enabling treatments to be developed faster and at lower cost. In addition to numerous scientific publications, their technology has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Economist, and numerous others. Organovo is changing the shape of medical research and practice. Learn more at
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